We take the initiative to appreciate our society and recognize that our customers are our first priority, not only in business but we are also committed to enhancing their overall quality of life. In line with our values, we realize that we can only thrive in a society where we give back and utilize our resources to support our communities and protect the environment by joining in the conservation efforts.

We pay close attention to the issues that are important to our stakeholders, employees, customers and the community. Those that directly or indirectly touch on our operations such as environmental protection and fair and equal employment opportunities rank top most. We marry this with our resolve to continuously empower women in our society as well as fund small businesses for community development.

Every Chase employee intrinsically believes that our CSR objective is linked to the goals of the institution – to be good corporate citizens, to be a great place for customers to enhance their financial partnerships, to be a good work place, and to be a positive influence in the communities we serve. As a result, the Chase Group Foundation has been established to identify the social, environmental and ethical issues that affect our business, raise awareness and build our employees commitment.

We aim to build stronger and healthier communities through our strategic social investments in Women and the Environment. In the spirit of community development and solidarity ,our foundation has raised funds and fostered relationships with other organizations from both the private and public sector.