Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary

We have embarked on an initiative to help fencing of this forest. The forest is one out of the 3 urban area forests in Nairobi County that plays a major role in regulating air pollution. Chase Group Foundation Committed KES 5,000,000 towards the Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary.

The Ngong Road Forest is a vital piece of publicly owned Forest Reserve, adjacent to some of the most informal settlements in Nairobi such as Kibera and Dagoretti and where the annual Chase Group Foundation walk is held.

Karen Country Club

The Karen Country club built a wetland back in the 60’s to help manage the drainage at the site. The wetland was a tourist attraction especially to birdwatchers. Over the years, the wetland begun to overflow thus reducing the number of birdwatchers and tourists visiting the site.

The Chase Group Foundation is committed to environmental conservation and to this effect sponsored the Country Club with KES 5,000,000 in a 3 year partnership towards the rehabilitation of the wetland to its initial glory, recycling of the water within the wetlands and to re-do the wetland into a bird watching park.